Costs Of Being Stupid

The High Cost of Being a Moron

As I read around the sustainability and carbon blogsphere to find out what’s good and what I want to share I found the above  gem.

I really feel for the author.  All too often we have big plans about how we are going to improve our financial situation and end up doing something that with the benefit of hindsight is doomed to failure. This may include taking insurance that will never benefit, or paying money for a potential saving that requires skill and attention to realise.

More often we carry on doing things that just gets lost in the noise of busy day to day living, but if we addressed all of them would make a difference.

  1. I once paid £12.50 a month for 36 months because my partner and I miscommunicated over who needed it
  2. I had to replace some white goods – it turned out that they had been installed wrongly by being connected to a sealed off connector which I could have found in 2 minutes if I had thought about it
  3. Consistent reluctance to check you are getting the best deal on your utilities (through fear of dealing with the confusopoly of utility companies).  Can cost you £100 a year
  4. Setting up bank accounts/subscribing to magazines/ … to get a cashback deal, but then not cancelling – lethargy and stupidity – not a money saving combination

The common thread to all of the above is the need to be more organised and to take more personal responsibility for the money that we spend and the enregy that we need.  If we diligently monitor and react to the energy utilisation we will WITHOUT FAIL save more energy and money than if we don’t 

Equally, how often do we really consider the total cost of what we are trying to achieve and end up consuming more energy (from a total end to end perspective).  For example I know there are more efficient cars on the market than mine, but when you consider the total energy cost of making a new one versus the marginal improvements from running a new one I am sure it would be a run decision.  Equally – how much does it cost to make and install a solar panel against the energy it will generate.  I don’t know and I haven’t seen anywhere that takes this view.

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  1. google says:

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    thanks to google I found you

  2. Mark says:


    This article reckons that the cost of making a bike will be returned (when compared against equivalent miles not driven) in under 6 months. So good to see some comparisons are out there

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